Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce the name Alum Creek Farm?

Our farm is named for Alum Creek Lake, which is right next to our property. If you're from the area you more than likely know how to pronounce Alum. But just in case: Alum is pronounced Al (like a guy's name), um (like the word you say when you don't know what to say!), so Al-um. :)

What us the rental fee for Alum Creek Farm and what does it include?

What Dates Are Available?

Can I set up an appointment to tour the property?

Yes! We'd love to meet you!

Can I just show up to the farm without an appointment?

Alum Creek Farm is a private property and our event schedule varies, so we request  all tours be scheduled by clicking on the "Request a Tour" button above. 

Is there a deposit? When are the additional payments due?

A retainer fee of 50% is required to reserve your date. This can be made in two payments: 25% due upon signing a contract and another 25% is due within 60 days. The next payment of 25% is due 12 months prior to the event. The final payment is due 6 months prior to the event.

Which forms of payments do you accept?

Check or cash are the accepted forms of payments.

How do I reserve a date?

If you decide Alum Creek Farm is a good match for your "Big Day" simply email us and let us know which date you'd like to reserve and any alternate dates you might consider. We often have couples email us from the parking lot. :) We'll double-check that your requested date is still available and then we'll email you a contract.   

What facility fee or percentage of the catering/ bartending bill can I expect to be charged?

Alum Creek Farm does not require a percentage of your catering or bartending bill. Many venues require these fees, however, our packages include all venue fees. 

Is there a minimum spend for food, beverage or guest count?

Alum Creek Farm does not have a required minimum for food, beverage or guest count. Many venues require these minimums.

Do you have a list of recommended caterers and vendors?

Yes! Once you reserve your date, we'll provide you with a list of recommended vendors. 

Can we use a caterer or vendor not on the list?

Yes! Please know that we are forced to operate within certain guidelines set forth by state laws and insurance. If you have a full-service caterer and/ or vendor that isn’t on our recommended vendor list, please have them reach out. If they are a licensed operation, we simply ask that they provide verification and liability insurance as well as sign our vendor agreement.

Can we have a pot luck meal or can family provide the food?

We love home-cooked meals and family recipes! Unfortunately, we are governed by state laws and insurance guidelines that require ALL food to be cooked and prepared in a licensed off-site kitchen.  

What accommodations are available to the caterer?

We have an on-site prep kitchen consisting of a commercial double door refrigerator and two 6-foot stainless steel prep tables. Caterers must bring food that is cooked and prepared in an off-site kitchen as grills, ovens, and food that is still cooking (e.g. pig roast) are strictly prohibited.

Are table linens, plates, silverware, glassware included in the Alum Creek Farm rental fee?

Our custom farmhouse tables were built to enjoy their beauty without the use of table linens. If linens and napkins are desired your full-service caterer will be more than happy to provide them. Your full-service caterer will also be more than happy to provide plates, silverware, glassware, and any other needed item (s) for food and beverage service.

Can we provide our own alcohol?

Yes! Please ask for details on your tour.

Will there be other events at the farm during my rental period?

You will have exclusive use of the farm during your rental period. 

Are there hotels and overnight accommodations nearby?

Yes! There are several hotels less than 2 miles from the venue at the I-71/ Route 36/ 37 exit. There are also several campgrounds within 5 miles.  

Many more hotels can be found that the I-71/ Polaris/ Gemini Exit, which is approximately 8 minutes from the venue. 

Are there curvy, unpaved or single lane roads to reach the venue?

All roads leading to the venue are paved, straight, well lit, and easy to navigate. 

Are UBER and LYFT available?


How many parking spaces are available?

60+ complimentary parking spaces are available for your guests. This should accommodate a guest count of 175 as we have separate parking for vendors and staff. If need be, overflow parking is available at the top and bottom of the driveway. Alternatively, a hotel shuttle bus can be used to escort guests to and from the property. It's a great idea to ask guests to carpool and/ or use UBER and LYFT as parking is limited. 

How will my guests know where to park? Is the parking lot lighted at night?

We provide a parking attendant and/ or directional signs to direct guests to the appropriate location and minimize congestion. 

Yes! The parking lot is lighted at night. The lights are on an automatic timer, so they turn on at dusk.

Do you have handicapped parking available?

Yes, we have handicapped parking spaces available. Additionally, an Alum Creek Farm staff member will be available to escort handicapped guests with our golf cart shuttle. 

Is the venue easily accessible for handicapped guests?

We're upfront with the fact that, as a farm, there is uneven terrain and some steps. We'll be more than happy to accommodate handicapped guests in any way we can. 

Can we decorate?

Absolutely! You and your vendor (s) would be responsible for setting up and taking down decorations provided for your event. This includes decorations from our "Something Borrowed" closet. Some restrictions may apply for affixing décor to our walls and outdoor spaces. Other restrictions may apply that are unforeseen at this time. If you'd like to add decorations please get in touch with us prior to the event for approval. Would you like us to decorate? Ask for details on your tour. 

Are tables and chairs included? Do you set them up for us?

Yes and Yes! We have 22 farmhouse tables, each comfortably seat 8, for a total of 175 seats. We also have 175 premium white cross back chairs. Set up of all tables and chairs is included. 

Can the tables be moved into unique set-ups?

If you have an idea you'd like to share we're all ears. However, because our farmhouse tables are heavy we're unable to move them into unique set-ups.

Is it possible to seat 9 or 10 to a table?

For your guests comfort we recommend 8 per table. In a pinch you can squeeze in 9 or 10.

Where can I find photos of decor items that are available to use?

The "Something Borrowed" Closet is pretty amazing! It's a HUGE task to take photos of everything, plus it's an ever-changing inventory as we frequently add new items. We do have a few photos on our website here, and we're more than happy to show you everything while you're on tour. 

Can we have access the day before to decorate?

Yes! We offer the purchase of the day before, if available, so you and your creative team or friends and family can decorate. Keep in mind that decorating must be done during your event rental period. Please share with family, friends, and vendors that we want to make sure the facility is ready for you upon your arrival and, therefore, cannot welcome them earlier than the rental period outlined in the agreement.  

Can I drop off decorations, food or drink to the property in preparation for the event?

Yes! As long as they are dropped off within the agreed to rental period. 

Can we have access to the farm prior to the time our rental period begins?

We are committed to having the facility properly cleaned and prepared for your event. This preparation takes place the morning of your event. As a result, we are unable to allow access to the farm prior to the agreed to rental period. 

Can we have our ceremony somewhere else on the farm other than in the greenhouse?

One of the great things about Alum Creek Farm is the picturesque, gently rolling hills. Unfortunately, because of that, there isn't another flat area that is suitable for a ceremony. All ceremonies need to take place in the greenhouse, inside the reception space, or at an off-site church or venue of your choosing. 

Can we have a celebratory showering or send-off?

Yes! Can we make a few suggestions? Organic herbs, ribbon sticks, sparkler apps on smartphones, paper airplanes, bubbles (in designated outdoor areas only) or mini handheld flags that represent who you are as a couple. If you have other ideas, please reach out to us! 

We do ask that you be respectful of the property and future weddings and refrain from using items that are hard to clean up and/ or may cause slip hazards and/ or may be prohibited by our insurance carrier as they are a fire hazard. 

Hard to clean up: confetti, fake snow, sand, silly string, glitter of any kind, small gems/ jewels, balloons (get stuck in trees), birdseed, rice, popcorn (think bird poop on the glass roof of the greenhouse), and artificial flower petals. 

Slip Hazards: use of bubbles indoors or bubble machines, fog machines (they also set off our smoke detectors).

Prohibited by the State of Ohio and our insurance carrier as they are a fire hazard:  fireworks, pyrotechnics, sparklers, any type of sky lanterns. 

Can I use candles?

There's nothing that goes up in a blaze more quickly than an old barn next to an open flame. The cool breezes that blow thru the barn doors often extinguish lit candles within a minute, nonetheless, we are governed by our insurance guidelines to allow only for battery-operated candles.

Do you provide flowers for clients?

Yes! We grow flowers at Alum Creek Farm, however, their availability is reliant solely upon the weather. Please inquire about their pricing and availability. Please note that we are not a full-service florist, and therefore, unable to source flowers from other growers. If you require those services we recommend choosing a florist from our vendor list. 

Do you have a day-of wedding coordinator?

To make your day run as smoothly as possible, Alum Creek Farm offers a certified day-of wedding coordinator at no additional fee--ask for details on your tour. 

When can I schedule my wedding ceremony rehearsal?

If the two-day package (Friday + Saturday) is selected, you may schedule the rehearsal as soon as you'd like. If the one-day package (Saturday only) is selected, rehearsal may be scheduled starting 30-days from the event. 

What time do you suggest we start our ceremony?

We suggest starting the ceremony at 4:00 pm. 

Can we host a rehearsal dinner or rehearsal brunch at the farm?

Absolutely. Please inquire about availability and pricing.

Can we have a ceremony only? Can we have a reception only?

Absolutely! Please keep in mind that Alum Creek Farm hosts just one event per day so the rental fee structure remains the same.

Can I have engagement portraits at the farm?

Absolutely! Please ask for details on your tour. 

Is the venue air conditioned? Heated?

The farmhouse has central air conditioning and heat.

For the reception space and greenhouse: with cool breezes blowing down to the lake and 3 huge sliding doors (that no one wants to close), we haven’t found the need for air conditioning. Fans can be turned on to assist with the cool breezes. 

The reception space and greenhouse do not have central heat, however, we can add temporary heating (at no additional cost) to warm the space up. 

Is there a dance floor?

Yes! The cement floor of the reception space (and greenhouse) makes an ideal dance floor.

What types of restrooms will be available for our guests?

Our luxury restroom trailer is custom built and it's gorgeous! It features a shiplap wall, quartz countertops, porcelain sinks, wood floors, and 2 private stalls. Each stall includes heat, air conditioning, hands-free porcelain flushing toilets, running hot and cold water, lights, and a stereo sound system. Most guests say it's nicer than their bathrooms at home and we often have guests taking selfies with it--we even have a 5-star review of it on The Knot. ;)

Are pets allowed to be a part of the ceremony?

We love pets, so let's chat about this! Unfortunately, we've not found an event insurance policy that will take on the liability of pet (s) in attendance at special events. Even the most docile pet may become sensitive to loud music, food, and lots of children and adults nearby. If your apartment dweller's or home insurance policy covers your pet (s) at our location let's have the conversation about how we can welcome them to be a part of your day!


What if it rains on my wedding day?

Our greenhouse ceremony area offers all of the feels of the outdoors with (hardly) any of the risks! If the rain is blowing sideways, the size of our reception space easily accommodates a ceremony, reception, and dancing all under roof. In fact, in the event of rain, the tables need not be moved, to make room for a ceremony, which makes the decision to move inside stress-free and budget-friendly. 

My preferred date is unavailable, do you have a cancellation list or waitlist?

If a date becomes available we'll post it to our available dates website page here.

There are more dates showing as available on the calendar than you said were available to reserve?

In order to be accommodating, when our calendar opens for reservations, we'll have several dates to choose from. In order to provide you with a unique and specialized experience, not available to everyone, we do have a limited event schedule every year. Once those limited number of dates are reserved, our calendar closes and additional reservations will not be accepted. On the day of your tour, we'll let you know how many additional reservations we're accepting for the year. Dates tend to book fast and, therefore, we cannot guarantee an available date without a signed contract and deposit. 

Do you offer Friday or Sunday weddings?

If you would like to shift your wedding day from a Saturday to a Friday or Sunday we may be able to accommodate that change on our schedule. Because we only host one wedding per week, the fee schedule would not change. 

Can vehicles be left overnight?

All guests should plan to remove vehicles at the end of the rental period--encouraging guests to carpool and/ or utilize the services of a shuttle bus, UBER and LYFT is a best practice. We do NOT want a guest to drive while intoxicated, therefore, if a vehicle needs to be left overnight we ask that it be removed prior to 10:00 am the following day.

What time does the music need to end?

 To comply with local noise ordinances, the music needs to end no later than 10:00 pm.  

What is the event clean-up process?

Alum Creek Farm will clean the venue prior to your arrival. Your caterer will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the venue during your event. After the event ends, the caterer will clean and leave the venue as they found it and Alum Creek Farm will put away anything you've borrowed from the "SBC". You'll pack the few things you've brought and can scoot right off to the after-party. 

Have additional questions?